Haute Route 2017

The Haute Route is a challenging and beautiful route through the European Alps. The route beings in Chamonix, France and ends in Zermatt, Switzerland.

We picked up the trail in Verbier and hiked to Zermatt due to time constraints. Below are the links to our blog posts, in order, for your reading pleasure.

Pre Haute Route

A different type of hiking
Day 0 – Travel day – Milan to Verbier

Haute Route

Day 1 – Ibex steal the show
Day 2 – Progress comes slowly
Day 3 – From disappointment to delight
Day 4 – Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming
Day 5 – Outhiking storm turns into wild goose chase
Day 6- Peak bagging and swimming in a lake
Day 7 – The final pass
Day 8 – Animals and exposure
Day 9 – End of the Haute Route

Post Haute Route

Day 10 – “Casual” day hike in Zermatt
Haute Route – Final thoughts