Why PCT – Laurie

I love physical challenges and adventure. Usually I am drawn to international adventures to learn about other cultures and see new things.

This time however, I am choosing an inward adventure. Six months of self reflection, a simple routine of walking miles upon miles and nothing other than the random songs in my head to distract me from my fears and thoughts.

Most of my life I have done the “expected thing.” I went straight from high school into college, from college to grad school and upon graduating with my doctorate in Physical Therapy I got a job at UCSF.

I love my life and I am very comfortable in the routine I have created, but I am ready for a change.  I have never given myself the time and space to ask what I really want. Now… I am giving myself 6 months, a long trail, the serenity of nature and many emotional ups and downs to tune into what my heart really desires.

And the icing on the cake is that I have a partner to share the experience. This hike has been Andy’s dream for 7 years and while I am usually the instigator of adventures, this time I am happy to go along for the ride!