Laurie’s Gear List

The “Big Five” Weight (oz)
backpack ula catalyst 45.5
shelter big agnes flu creek ul 3 (33 oz) – carried by andy 0
ground sheet tyvek 7
sleeping bag zpacks bag 20 degree in stuff sack 20.13
sleeping pad exped synmat hyperlite medium 13.5
pack cover/liner trash compactor bag 2
tent poles and stakes pole (15 oz) + stakes (5 oz) – carried by andy 0
sit/stretch pad thermarest z-lite – 3 sections 3
5lbs 10.7ozs
Clothing Packed Weight (oz)
hiking socks wright socks 1.13
sleeping top wintersilk 3.63
sleeping bottoms wintersilk 3.25
sleeping socks N/A 0
down jacket mountain hardware ghost whisperer 7.63
fleece north face 5.88
rain jacket frogg toggs rain jacket 5.44
wind/rain pants frogg toggs rain pants 3.9
beanie mountain hardware fleece beanie 0.75
undies patagonia active brief 1.75
sarong 6.63
gloves mountain hardware grub gloves 2.23
waterproof gloves n/a 0
buff bugproof buff 1.37
extra shorts nike running shorts 3.75
Backcountry Kitchen Weight (oz)
stove msr pocket rocket (3.74oz) andy 0
fuel bottle isobutane small 110g container – empty (4oz); andy 0
screwtop pot talenti ice cream container 1.77
cook pot evernew ti 900ml w/lid,cozy,stuffsack & stand (6.33oz) andy 0
windscreen n/a 0
pot cozy homemade – included in cook pot weight 0
utensils REI lexan 0.75
small cleaning towel n/a 0
sponge small sponge- (.15oz) andy 0
soap n/a 0
lighter 1 mini bic lighter (0.8oz) Andy 0
Hydration Weight (oz)
bottles platypus 1L plusbottle w/push caps (2)(1.6oz) 0
bottles 3 L platypus bladder (no hose) 2
hydration tube +inline filter hose + sawyer filter 7
The “11+” Essentials Weight (oz)
map halfmile pct maps (3oz) 0
compass N/A 0
thermostat n/a 0
light petzl tikka plus (w/ batteries) 2.75
first aid/repair kit home made kit in double zip lock bags 4
pocket knife N/A 0
leukotape leukotape roll 2.5
fire starter N/A 0
whistle N/A 0
sunblock/lip balm all good chapstick/face stick 1.5
teeth nightguard custom, in case 1
mosquito head net Big 5 no-namer 0.75
3 extra aaa batteries lithium ion batteries 0.7
duct tape in first aide kit 0
goldbond travel size 1.75
Sanitation & Hygiene Weight (oz)
toliet paper 1/2 roll 3.13
wet wipes coleman bio-wipes 1
toothbrush standard toothbrush 1
toothpaste mini toothpaste tube 1
dental floss full roll wax floss (0.5oz) andy 0
hand sanitizer generic 2
medication pills and container 0.5
pee rag bandana 0.88
leave no trace 2 large ziplocs for tp 0.54
Miscellaneous Weight (oz)
sleeping bag sack included with sleeping bag 0
food sack zpacks blast food bag 1.5
clothes sack N/A 0
camera canon S100 with 3 batteries 9.63
gorilla pod mini tripod 1.63
ditty bags/ extra ziplocks 5 total 1.4
phone iphone 5C with case 6.38
misc items Id, credit cards, cash 0.86
wallet zpacks cuben wallet or small ziplock 0.04
carabiners 4 zpacks z-lite mini carabiners 0.4
earplugs for windy nights (1 pair) 0.05
umbrella golite chrome dome 7.88
laundry large ziplock 0.3
battery pack/charger TBD carried by Andy 0
charger accessories charging cables & adapters (3.07oz) andy 0
pen 1 pen for journaling/notes 1
sunglass container coyote eyeware 2.13
Base Weight Totals: Weight
the “big 5” 5lbs10.7ozs
clothing packed 3lbs 4ozs
kitchen 0lbs 2.5ozs
hydration 0lbs 9ozs
11 essentials 0lbs 15ozs
sanitation & hygiene 0lbs10.1ozs
misc 2lbs 1.2ozs
Total Base Weight
12lbs 15.7ozs
Worn or Carried Weight (oz)
undies patagonia active brief 1.75
sportsbra patagonia 2.75
hiking shirt smartwool long sleeve 5.5
sunshirt columbia omnishade buttondown 5.13
pants or shorts prana 13.13
socks wright socks 1.13
shoes montrail mountain masochist/altra lone peak 30
insoles custom orthotics 4.5
sunglasses coyote 0.88
sunglass retainers N/A 0
gaiters levagaiters 1.8
hat outdoor research sun runner cap 8
sun gloves coolibar fingertip less gloves 0.75
trekking poles black diamond women’s flick lock 16
Additional Gear  Weight (oz)
extra bottles for long carries 2 platypus 1L plusbottles or 4 smart water bottles 3.2
bear canister – sierras Garcia 44
ice axe – sierras camp corsa or black diamond whippet (15oz) 7.2
WA raincoat mountain hardware quasar 11.63
long underwear bottom rei medium weight long underwear bottom 6.13
microspikes kahtoola microspikes 12.8
down socks for sierras/wa goosefeet down socks,large + 1oz extra down 3.1