PCT by the Numbers

Total miles hiked: 2650

Total days on trail: 171

Number of zeros: 19

Number of neros (10 miles or less): 21

Total elevation gain: 489,418 ft

Total elevation loss: 488,411 ft

Largest elevation gain in one day: 7038 ft

Largest elevation loss in one day: 9674 ft

Most miles in one day: 30.8

Least number of miles in one day: 2

Total number of steps: 6,000,000+

Longest stretch without a shower: 12 days

Number of nights in a bed: 36

Number of nights cowboy camping: 0

Items forgotten or misplaced: 1 spoon

Items lost to a river: 1 trekking pole, 1 croc and 1 water bottle

Items lost on a glissade: 1 water bottle

Number of popped sleeping pads: 3

Visits to an REI while on trail: 10 (11 if including one that we walked by but did not enter)

Days with rain: 21

Number of gluten free pizzas consumed in 18 hours: 4

Number of hitches: 12

Number of bears: 1

Number of rattlesnakes: 9

Pairs of shoes: 4 each

Pairs of socks: Andy 17, Laurie 9

Most liters of water carried at one time: Andy 10, Laurie 7

Pictures taken: 5,000+

Number of resupply packages: 64 (32 each)

Number of genuine smiles and laughs: countless

35 thoughts on “PCT by the Numbers

  1. Thank you both for sharing your adventure with us. We enjoyed every post and these ending statistics are great. Happy trails for the rest of your lives.
    From Shasta County


  2. Thanks…love the summary. I’ve followed your blog almost from the beginning and was sad, in some ways, to see it end. What a marvelous journey and story…and fantastic pictures. From an admirer up here in the Washington! Best to both of you in the future!!


  3. Awesome just awesome!! I have so enjoyed keeping track of you two while watching my baby girl grow up. All love!!! A.

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Ah, very good question Scott. Laurie lost about 10 pounds and I probably lost 5 to 10. I’m actually very proud of our minimal weight loss because I didn’t want to lose any weight at all (which was ambitious to say the least).


    • Thanks Darren. The 7k elev gain was in Northern California.

      And in regards to cowboy camping, we enjoyed sleeping in our tent so much without the fly that we didn’t feel the need to cowboy camp.


  4. Hi Andy. Lois and I want to go back and read some of your earlier blogs. How do I access them?

    —————————————–From: “Andy & Laurie Hike the PCT” To: Cc: Sent: 18-Oct-2016 05:11:53 +0000 Subject: [New post] PCT by the Numbers


    yogihiker posted: “Total miles hiked: 2650 Total days on trail: 171 Number of zeros: 19 Number of neros (10 miles or less): 21 Total elevation gain: 489,418 ft Total elevation loss: 488,411 ft Largest elevation gain in one day: 7038 ft Largest elevation l”


    • Hey Paul, great to hear from you! We hope you are both doing well.

      There are a few ways to access older posts. The first is Google. For example, a search for ‘andyandlaurie.com day 1’ will bring up that post.

      The next is the archive feature on the website. This is located on the right hand side of the blog and allows you to search for posts by month.

      The third is the ‘Search’ feature on the blog. It works ok but not to find the first posts when searching by day. A search for ‘Day 1’ will bring up all posts that have the number 1 in the title, so not very effective. But it’ll work well to locate Day 111.

      Hope this helps.


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