Day 104 – halfway through Oregon!

July 16, 2016

Lower Rosary Lake (mile 1908.3) to Brahma Lake (mile 1930.8)

Miles: 22.5

Our mileage total: 1524.5

We both slept well. The wind died down or maybe we were so tired neither of us heard it. Either way, we woke up refreshed.

We headed out of camp at 7:15. Derek and Karen were not far behind.

It was a gentle climb up to Middle and Upper Rosary Lakes and then up to Maiden Peak ski shelter.

The shelter was really cool. It had a wood burning stove, a loft, solar panels and wide wooden benches. We explored and admired it for about 15 minutes before continuing on our way.

The walking was easy and the miles seemed to fly by. Around 10 am we took a 0.3 mile side trip to Bobby Lake to get water. Laurie and Karen motivated one another to go swimming and both were happy they had. The water in these lakes is temperate. Even at 10 am it was worthwhile.

From the junction of Bobby Lake the trail climbed up to 6500 ft. We walked through an enchanted forest with lichen drapping over every branch of the trees. It felt like a green winter wonderland.

We got to Charlton Lake at 1:15 pm and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. This lake, like many other large lakes we have seen in Oregon, felt and looked like paradise.

The water reflected many shades of blue, the sun was shining and a light breeze kept the mosquitoes away.

The first 15 miles of the morning we had the luxury of walking on trail that had recently been maintained. All the down trees were cut and the walking was easy.

“This is the type of hiking I like!” Shared Laurie with a smile as she cruised down the trail.

After lunch we entered a burn area and the obstacle course fun returned. This time though, it didn’t seem as tiresome. Probably because we had a nice little break.

The bare trees displayed a stark contrast with the blue cloudless sky. Small pink flowers dotted the ground and young pine trees were scattered among the dead ones. It was strangely beautiful.

We walked together as a little group, sharing stories from our lives. This trail is amazing. It brings people from all types of backgrounds together without boundaries or the superficial layers of a typical new relationship. Conversations get deep, honest and personal quickly. This leads to a deep respect and admiration for one another.

We love that.

We passed a few more ponds and lakes and got to camp before 6 pm. Laurie splashed around in the lake as Andy talked with Letha, a woman hiking south through Oregon.

The mosquitoes got progressively more abundant as the night wore on. We took refuge in our tent to organize our food for the next day while snacking on cheese and homemade fruit leather.

Laurie was tempted to hide from the mosquitoes all evening but was encouraged by the Derek and Karen to come out to eat. Dressed in her mosquitos attire (headnet, hat, gloves, raincoat and rainpants) she emerged from the tent. But the mozzies were horrible.

Laurie ate her dinner under her head net (shoveling food 2 inches from the Talenti into her mouth). Even then, misquotes managed to get into the headnet and bite her neck and temple.

She resorted to pacing while eating since movement was the only way to get a little break. It was miserable.

Andy seemed to handle the mosquitoes better because he has resigned to being bitten. To him it is all part of the Oregon PCT experience in July.

Laurie on the other hand just gets itchy and grumpy.

After 20 minutes of grumbling and swatting, Laurie returned to the safety of the tent. Karen, Derek, Andy and Letha shared a bar of ginger chocolate before retreating to their tents as well.

Seven mosquitoes came in with Andy as he quickly jumped into the tent. We could hear clapping from the other tents as we all attempted to kill whatever mosquitoes entered our safe havens.

Tonight the mosquitoes are the worst they have been all trip. We hope to get up early to pack up and leave before they wake up.

Tonight we are grateful for trail crews and wind to keep the mosquitoes away.


Pulpit Rock and Middle Rosary Lake


Maiden Peak shelter




Dippin in Bobby Lake




Shooting Stars at Brahma Lake


How many mosquitoes do you see on the tent?


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