7 thoughts on “Videos from the first 700 miles

  1. Daniel–youve got to see these–especially the 500 mile celebration video! Love aj

    Warm regards, joanna Sent from my iPad

    Joanna Smith, LCSW MPH CHA Healthcare Liaison 2625 Alcatraz Ave. Suite 194 Berkeley CA 94705 510-704-8476



  2. I loved the 500 miles video! that brought so much joy to my heart!!!!!!!!!! so glad you guys are doing this journey i love reading the blog!
    i also loved the time lapse video, it’s really cool to read about your collaboration on seting up camp and it was fun to see the video version of that!

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  3. Your rattlesnake encounter almost gave Tamsen a heart attack!!

    It’s been super fun reading your blog and living vicariously thorough your adventure!


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