Day 50 – A zero in Lone Pine

May 23, 2016

Miles: 0

We slept in this morning, waking up around 7:30am. Laurie woke up in go mode, ready to cross things off her to do list.

We posted pictures on Instagram, published our blog posts, requested additional gear from Andy’s parents, and did laundry twice (because we forgot to wash some clothes the first time).

Secretly Andy thinks Laurie (who had never been to a laundromat before) wanted to wash all our clothes again to use Tide so they would smell good.

Already Andy can’t wait to smell like a hiker again.

Finally, at 10:30am we went for breakfast at Alabama Hills Cafe. It’s a staple in Lone Pine. We felt rushed to order and except for warm avocados in our omelette, we enjoyed our food, especially the peach crumble pie.

We came back from breakfast, showered and worked more on our blog posts.

It still surprises Andy how quickly time goes by in towns. By the time we crossed a few more things off our to do list it was 3pm.

Even though we did lots, we still found time to laugh a lot.

Fifty days in and we’re still having a blast together. Both of us are grateful to be where we are, sharing this experience with one another.

Around 4:30pm we finally left our room again for an early dinner. But first we went to the gear store Elevation. We’ve decided to buy crampons and be fully equipped for the Sierras.

They also gave us the number to a local who might possibly give us a ride back to Horseshoe Meadow on Wednesday, along with a recommendation for dinner.

It’s chilly here today. At least 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. Lots of grey clouds. There’s supposed to be weather coming in tomorrow again, which has driven some hikers out of the mountain and into town.

For the rest of the evening we relaxed – Laurie watched TV while Andy blogged some more and crossed more things off the never ending to do list.

Town days are exhausting. But we appreciate the rest they afford our bodies.

We’re sleeping early tonight (9pm) actually we slept around 10:30pm to wake up for sunrise tomorrow.


Tonight we are grateful for fresh vegetables and cold avocados.



Alabama Hills Cafe breakfast


Laundry day attire. Lookin good in Andy's shirt


Oh yeah, we sexy


Dinner at Merry Go Round

14 thoughts on “Day 50 – A zero in Lone Pine

  1. It’s a joy and great fun to continue reading your blog and to see the big smiles on your faces and read the delight the two of you are experiencing in this most wonderful adventure of yours. Keep loving each other and all will be well.
    Love and hugs to both of you…Auntie Jean

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  2. Good choices. It makes sense to exit at Mulkey Pass as it is such a short hike out. Many people don’t plan on it, but then end up doing so anyways. You two keep having fun and keep on keeping on. The best is yet to come.

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  3. Hah, I figured you bailed @ Horseshoe vs returning to Kennedy since you were posting photos.

    Say hi to John & crew @ Elevation – that shop rocks.

    Zero degree bag – check; gaiters – check. Do you have a ccf to complement your regular pad to sleep comfortably on snow?

    When there’s a storm brewing, don’t the Sierra look like Mordor from down in Lone Pine? I’m sure you’re closely monitoring the weather; it looks like Friday is go time.

    Don’t be surprised if you start seeing a lot of (non-PCT) people on trail. Memorial is looking great; I’m heading south from Evolution next Tuesday.

    PS Even though you bailed @ Horseshoe (btw, bailing in the face of a winter/spring storm isn’t failure, it’s prudence), I would still re-supply @ Kearsarge. Day 1 – Rock creek; Day 2 – base of Forester; day 3 over & out. [Whitney from the west @ this time will be a bear.]

    Kearsarge to VVR will still be a very long haul going over the big passes covered in snow.


  4. Hey Andy & Laurie,
    Really enjoy your blog and looking forward to your future post through the Sierra. When I do my yearly week long hike, I usually stay at the Dow villa for the atmosphere. There’s an older women who lives at the hotel that goes by the name of Mary. She occaisionally rides around on a 3 wheel bike with a golite umbrella. She has quite a story to tell if you have the time to just relax in the lobby. If you do, please tell her Bruce with the other umbrella said hi. Have a great hike.
    “Just Bruce”


  5. Hello from a stranger in Minnesota! I have to smile when I read about how nervous you are about the snow, but while its been a part of my whole life I’ve never camped in it more than 1 night much less in the mountains! You will do great. It’s been fun to follow your adventure. Best of luck! You seem like a great couple!

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  6. Hi,
    You all are doing great:)
    I did not realize some were leaving Kennedy Meadown before June teenth.
    (June 15thor so)
    I was told passes not open and weather to questionable. You are mountaineers 🙂
    The snow must be already melting early or less than what they thought to clear
    highest pass..
    God’s Blessing s..


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