Day 39 – Nero into Mojave

May 12, 2016

Oak Creek Canyon (mile 558) to Highway 58 (mile 566.3)

Miles: 8.3

“You’re going to Mojave? I’m sorry.”

That’s what we’ve been hearing from trail angels and hikers for days now. Almost everyone is headed into Tehachapi, but not us.

A cheap room and a shower were calling our names.

We woke up at 4am to hike 8.3 miles by 8am. We had arranged a ride and didn’t want to be late.

By 4:45am, under the cover of darkness, we set off. The temperature was mild and the breeze refreshing.

We were excited to finally be night hiking, something we’ve wanted to do for a while.

Laurie decided to lead us into the darkness.

“Three squeals and I’m taking over” Andy told Laurie.

“Okay.” She replied with a smile.

The hiking was tranquil and enchanting. Rolling hills, wind turbines and an orange sky.


Wind farms are huge! The wind turbines themselves are large (each blade requires a semi truck to be transported). Dirt roads wind through each farm, big enough to allow a semi truck to comfortably make the turns.

We hiked through the green hills, passed cute cows and down to Highway 58, getting there at 7:50am.

8 by 8. Check!

Paisley arrived exactly on time and greeted us both with a warm smile and deep hug. We instantly felt comfortable with her, as if we were seeing with an old friend.

We were so thankful for the ride and conversation.

Thanks Paisley. You rock!!

We arrived at Motel 6 before 9am. We were given a room and informed that there was no hot water but that they were working on it.

We were really looking forward to a shower, but alas, we were presented with another opportunity to practice patience and accept change as it happens. We could have taken a cold shower but weren’t that desperate yet.

We picked up our resupply packages and a special package from Laurie’s friend, and went to our room.

“Brownies!!” Laurie said with sheer excitement.

Since we couldn’t shower, and to keep Laurie from eating the entire bag in one  sitting (though she was standing), we went to the supermarket across the highway.

We walked back to our room with a rotisserie chicken, potato chips, hummus, salad greens, carrots, a bell pepper, apples, an avocado and 6 liters of water for the waterless stretch ahead.

We devoured the chicken with salad greens, ate the rest of the brownies and washed it all down with water. Andy has a headache which is probably from the lack of sleep, but hydrating doesn’t hurt.

Laurie was really excited about watching movies on TV. She was in heaven crunching on an apple while watching Miss Congeneality.

We relaxed, made phone calls, wrote emails, did laundry and organized our food for the next section.

Where does the time go?

Andy finally tried the shower and wouldn’t you know it, the water was hot.

We each enjoyed a nice warm shower and may even dabble in the life of luxury and take another in the morning.

Once again it is far too late. So many distractions when there is wifi and TV! We look forward to getting back out to the stars and moon.

From what we have gathered, these next 6 days are the driest and most remote of the desert section. We probably won’t have service but will upload posts when we can.

Tonight we are grateful for warm showers and avocados.












13 thoughts on “Day 39 – Nero into Mojave

  1. We love that Motel 6! Everything a hiker needs is within walking distance. Hopefully you get misty skies for your next section. We hiked this section last year at this time and we did. After Walker Pass the trail really begins to be wilderness.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andy doing a handstand without a spot person! Wow. Windmills for days–SoCal seems to be way ahead of the Bay Area with that. Great image of Laurie ensconced on the bed, eating an apple and watching….tv! You both rock. nana

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pictures remind me of Sweetwater Texas.
    Good going hope feet are better.
    My son is use to that heat. Loves the desert views. Love your flower Pics.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. HI Laurie and Andy: Mohave IS an interesting place. Your Uncle Dennis and I spend 5 days there last year with our hiking group and found it fascinating and full of pleasant surprises. Enjoy your time there. The flowers must be in bloom ,the coolness of the palm lined oasis can be delightful and the little critters who occasionally scamper about add another dimension.
    Love and hugs Auntie Jean

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  5. Has anybody responded or checked in
    that is hiking past Kennedy Meadows.
    Snow? Ice? O n trail.

    Judy, love the pics
    Couldn’t find your latest post.


    • Judy, a hiker who went up Forester Pass a few days ago reported winter conditions and lots of snow. He warned us of freezing temps at night too


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