Day 38 – a flora and fauna kind of day

May 11, 2016

Tylerhorse Canyon (mile 541.5) to Oak Creek Canyon (mile 558)

Miles: 16.5

The alarm went off at 5:15am. Not enough sleep for Andy. He snoozed for 15 more minutes, then finally got going.

We were on the trail at 6:15am, determined to conquer the two climbs of the morning before the heat consumed us.

This stretch of trail is especially pretty at this time of year. We are loving it. The wildflowers, the green hills and the sometimes cold wind are awesome.

At 9:30am we turned the corner and ran into trail magic. Yatzee!!

Chairs and water and recycle bins and trash cans. Wow.

Laurie and I took our shoes off, relaxed and massaged one another’s feet. After about fifteen minutes a truck pulled up. We waved and they waved back as they drove away.

A few minutes later we heard a car again. It was the same truck. They must have driven up the road to turn around and come back. They were Robert and Patti, locals who maintain this wonderful oasis along with Robert’s brother Donald.

Every few days come out and check on the supplies. This morning they brought more water, green apples and oranges. Apples and oranges!!

We both helped ourselves to fruit and thanked Robert and Patti multiple times for their support. The random acts of kindness continue to amaze us and touch our hearts.

Thank you Robert and Patti! We really, really appreciate it.

At 10:30am we finally shouldered our packs and headed on down the trail.

We didn’t make it very far as we were distracted by the wildflowers, horny toads and lizards. We saw flowers of all colors today along with 4 honey toads. The ones here have red horns. We’re not sure if they are females or males.

We took a few dozen photos in a handful of miles. We gave ourselves permission to do this because the temperature wasn’t too bad, especially with the cool breeze blowing.

We descended through a burnt forest, chatting about this and that and making to do (and to eat) lists when we get into town tomorrow.

At 3pm we found shade under a tree and took it. The wind had died down and the temperature had risen. It was hot. We felt lethargic and didn’t want to move, but with less than 3 miles to go before camp, we encouraged one another to get up and get going.

With the wind turbines buzzing overhead we descended into a shady oasis and looked for campsites.

It’s dry but buggy here. But there’s shade! Laurie was fading but we quickly put up the tent and she crawled in.

“All I want to do is lie down” expressed Laurie.

“You got it” Andy reassured her.

We got into the tent and drank electrolyte drinks, ate a few snacks and felt better.

Since we had service, we blogged, posted on instagram, made phone calls and relaxed.

We want to go to sleep at 8pm tonight because we have to wake up at 4am tomorrow morning. We have a ride scheduled for 8am at Hwy 58 and we have 8.2 miles to hike.

8 by 8. We’ve got this!

Tonight we’re grateful for suprise fruit in the desert and blooming desert plants.















6 thoughts on “Day 38 – a flora and fauna kind of day

    • Thanks again for your support of hikers. We’re still talking about how great it was having apples and oranges yesterday!


  1. Andy-
    I just started following your PCT posts and realized we met on the JMT in 2012 – The TO Trio.
    I was going to do the PCT this year, but the plan has been overcome by events. Hope live vicariously through your blog this year and actually do it next year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you gave yourselves permission to take photos today, these are wonderful! I love the flowers and the lizard on the rock. And so happy you got to luxuriate in warm water. Thanks again for sharing your adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

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