Day 25 – walking home

April 28, 2016

Bushcamp (357.2) to Wrightwood

Miles: 10.7 (6.2 PCT miles + 4.5 miles into Wrightwood)

**There are videos in our last post that didn’t appear in our email. To view them, please visit our website**

We woke up this morning to the sound of wet snow falling on our tent. Neither one of us wanted to get up into the cold and windy morning air.

Eventually we dragged ourselves out of the warmth of our sleeping bags. Motivated by hot showers and home cooked meals we layered up and faced the windy world.

The wind howled around us as we disassembled the tent. We had to work as a team- communicating who was holding what to ensure that nothing flew away.

We were walking by 7:30am. It was still chilly with clouds swirling around us but we could see the sun trying to peek through.

The first 4 miles were uphill. After a brief snow flurry of small little snow balls (not flakes or hail) we quickly warmed up and shed our rain pants, rain jackets and gloves. We walked above the clouds, watching them ebb and flow in the valleys below. The mountains above us were dusted in white.

As we got higher snow clung to shady spots on the trail and trees. The air was crisp with a hint of pine. It was a magical morning!

At 8:40 we challenged ourselves to walk the remaining 3.7 miles to the Acorn Trail junction by 10 am. Laurie, who loves competitions, immediately picked up the pace. She quickly discovered however, that it is very hard to chew, breathe at elevation and walk all at the same time.

We reached the Acorn trail (most direct route to Wrightwood) at 9:57. Success!!

We switched backed down 2,337 ft into Wrightwood. Neither of our knees were super happy with the steady decline but our packs were light and spirits were high.

We walked through neighborhoods on our way into town- picking up for sale brochures and day dreaming about what it would be like to retire in Wrightwood.

We got to town, wander through the hardware store and Wrightwood market. With so many bars in our stomachs neither of us felt very hungry.

We met up with Nemo and gave him some of our leftover food before going out to lunch with Tony and Esmeralda who had driven from LA to come get us.

We split a burger and sweet potato fries and ate again 2 hours later at Andy’s aunt and uncle’s restaurant Mini Kabob. We then came back to Andy’s parents house and ate again with his mom. We can’t let good food go to waste!

We sat on a couch, ate fresh fruit and don’t know where the rest of the day went.

Around 7:30pm we went to Big 5 in search of an Angeles National Forest map to research a few more reroutes. Big 5 was only .8 miles away but the 1.6 miles felt too far to walk. Crazy how we resort to old habits when back in a familiar environment.

We are going to bed later than normal with full bellies and happy hearts. Thank you to our LA family and community for welcoming us back with such open arms.

Tonight we are grateful for good laughs and good friends.








4 thoughts on “Day 25 – walking home

  1. Hey guys! I’m down visiting the gmom’s in Southern California a bit norrth of LA. I think we are close and yet so far! By my estimations of where we were yesterday I think we are within and hour and half or so…. Thinking of you. Hopefully this next section goes well!


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