Choosing to go slowly


The holidays are a tricky time of year. The speed of life increases with parties, family time and for some, shopping.

But nature works differently. This is the time of year where life slows down and goes inward.

Thinking about our Pacific Crest Trail hike next year helps me slow down. Yes there is still a lot to do – for the hike itself and to close out this year, but it will all get done.

I raise my glass to all the tortoises who mindfully choose to go slowly.

2 thoughts on “Choosing to go slowly

  1. Andy,
    Looking forward to following your PCT adventure. I want to thank you for some tips you gave me and questions you answered a couple of years ago as I contemplated a JMT thru-hike. I was able to complete the hike in August of 2014. Overwhelming beauty that still haunts my memory several times a day.


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