Celebrating our trailversary and a birthday

Hello! It’s been quite some time since we posted anything on our blog. With a few celebrations taking place recently, this was the perfect time to share an update with you all from this past year.

We recently celebrated the 4th anniversary of our PCT start date. It’s incredible how 4 years has passed and how much has changed.

The biggest change by far was having a baby. Our little boy – Miles – just celebrated his first birthday on April 1st. We aren’t the type to throw lavish parties with dozens or hundreds of guests, but even our intimate gathering was for not due to the shelter in place ordinance. Nonetheless, we celebrated our little boy with a cake (for us), sweet potatoes (for him to resemble our carrot cake), and sang happy birthday with family singing along on a video call.

This past year has been challenging, thrilling, exhausting and very rewarding. Our love for one another has deepened as we continue to learn, grow and adapt. And of course, our love for our little adventurer grows with each passing day.

We’ve come a long way as parents since last April. We still remember seeking guidance on YouTube for videos explaining how to safely transport a tiny 6 lb 12 oz newborn in a car seat. (Side note – Miles’ birthweight would be a pretty awesome base weight!).

While probably not as scenic as a thru hike, aspects of this past year felt oddly familiar. Both included lots of planning but also a realization that there is much that we cannot control.

Both encompassed emotional and physical discomfort and exhaustion. In both circumstances food was used as a comfort and a reward. Both journeys involved developing relationships with a family – whether blood related or a trail family. Lastly, both helped us feel alive and fulfilled.

We continue to do our best to hold on to ourselves, our love for nature and an appreciation for the quietness of the wilderness while working and parenting. And even though trips look much different now, we have managed to eek out a few adventures as a family. Once we are able to do so, we hope to have many more to come! (As long as we can teach Miles not to be afraid of the crinkly sound of our Thermarest Neo Airs!!)

Below are a few Fun facts from Miles’ first year:

Number of national parks visited: 3 (Yosemite, Crater Lake, Lassen)
Number of nights in a tent: 1
Number of nights slept in our camper: 22
Number of outdoor showers: 8
Number of hikes on the PCT: 10
Highest elevation: ~ 12,500 ft
Number of times over 10,000 ft: 4
Number of flights: 7
Number of states visited: 7
Number of blueberries eaten: probably more than his birthweight
Number of smiles received while hiking on trails or grocery shopping: countless

May this post find you healthy and happy during these unstable times. Smiles from our family to yours.

PCT south at Carson Pass

First (and only) backpacking trip so far

PCT southbound – Lassen Nat’l Forest

Plumas Nat’l Forest

Hiking down from Lassen Peak

Burney Falls

Guanella Pass Road, Colorado

Twin Lakes, Desolation Wilderness

Minaret Vista, near Mammoth, CA

First birthday cake!


8 thoughts on “Celebrating our trailversary and a birthday

  1. So happy you have had this healthy baby! How sweet to catalog all the special things you have been doing with him.





  2. Hey guys!

    Those are some pretty impressive stats—particularly the highest elevation Miles visited!

    Happy trailversary, and happy birthday to Miles!


    Bright 🙂


  3. Thanks for the update. I often think of you when I read stories of hikers or when I am on a trail. Miles us beautiful and the joy in your faces tells the story. Parenting is the hardest and best non paid job ever and he is one lucky boy to have the two of you guiding him down the path.
    Happy Birthday to all of you and Happy Trailversary too!


  4. OMG guys. You made our morning and day. The story cannot be introduced otherwise to compare the many dozens of blueberries. , We love you all with our future hiker-Miles Krameryan.   


  5. A .and L.. and M. thank you for keeping us in your newsletter. Yo’re lthe closest we’ll get to Tom Stienstra! Also thank you for the offer to do somethinbg more challenging…shopping at Berkeley Bowl.Fortunatsly our next door neighbor offered her seervices for the same task…phew, what heroes we have in our circle. Larry,Peggy,Frankie


  6. Just found this on my e-mail..What a beautifully written summary of this last magnificent year..Love the pictures and love the three of you
    Hugs and more love
    Auntie Jean


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