One Year Anniversary

**We had planned to post this yesterday but due to technical difficulties were unable to do so. But now, it’s ready!**

We find it hard to believe that a year ago today we set out on an adventure of a lifetime. And what an adventure it was.

We use many adjectives when describing our experience on the Pacific Crest Trail – exhilarating, majestic, challenging, incredible, humbling.

It was a time in our lives we will look back upon and feel no regret. We chose adventure over creature comforts and the ‘same ole, same ole’.

We chose to live our dreams rather than do what we are ‘supposed’ to do. Looking back we deeply feel we made the right decision. We will be forever grateful for having walked across the Pacific Crest of the United States, from Mexico to Canada.

To celebrate our one year anniversary we created a movie so we can relive the adventure. We hope you enjoy it.


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