Advice from a thru hiker

There are many versions of this in the world, Advice From A Tree, Advice From A Moose, Advice From A Penguin, Advice From A Caterpillar

One day while hiking we thought it would be fun to come up with our own – Advice From A Thru Hiker.

Here it is!

advice from a thru hiker

Have a plan and accept it will change

Expect ups and downs

Spend more time outside

Wake up and watch a sunrise

Sleep under a blanket of stars

Appreciate each day

Look forward to the views of tomorrow

It’s OK to fart in public

Stop and listen to the birds

Have sincere conversations

Drink lots of water

Only plan as far as the next town

Eat without worrying you will get fat

Feel the sun kiss your face

Trust in humanity

Walk daily

Don’t be afraid to get dirty

Embrace and celebrate your body

Be proud of how far you have come; be excited for where you are going

3 thoughts on “Advice from a thru hiker

  1. Thank you so very much guys:-)))
    These advices are not only for hikers, they are for life time wisdoms as well!!!
    it’s my pleasure to fly with you whenever it’s possible. Love you sooo dearly.

    Yours truly



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