Best and worst of the trail

Best campsite: Fire Creek Pass, WA

Best burger: JJ’s Cafe – Old Station, CA

Photo credit – A.F.N. (Yelp) – we devoured our burger and didn’t snap a pic 🙂

Best milkshake: Seiad Cafe, CA

Best salad: Paradise Valley Cafe, CA

We talk, we eat, then we say “shoot, we didn’t take a photo of our food.”

Best pastries: Stehekin Pastry Company, WA

Best lodging: Trout Lake Abbey, WA

Best bed: White Pass Condo, WA

Best shower: Trout Lake Abbey, WA

Most creative shower: Laurie’s bird bath under a campground faucet, Lake Isabella, CA 

Best breakfast: Seiad Cafe, CA

Gluten free pancakes in a town of 350 people. YES!!

Best hitch: Angeles Crest Highway (CA) in a Tesla

Best trail town: Idyllwild, CA

Worst campsite: Sky Lakes Wilderness swimming pool, OR

And let’s not forget the mosquitos

Most dissapointing salad: Stehekin Bakery (yeah we know, we know..what were we thinking?)

Don’t order the salad if you actually like salad!

Worst mosquitoes: Brahma Lake, OR

All of these punks followed Andy in after dinner

Worst nights sleep: Kearsarge Lakes, CA

The views were excellent, but the slanted camp spot was not.

Most disappointing meal: Sierra City General Store and Deli, CA

Deli was closed. When they did graciously make burgers especially for us, they were burned 😦  But we still appreciated them going out of their way to feed us.

7 thoughts on “Best and worst of the trail

  1. Thanks for posting your best and worst of list. I agree with you on the worst mosquitos at Brahma Lake. That was most unpleasant!
    I’m looking forward to experiencing your food recommendations next summer. The plan (at least this week) is to head south from the OR/CA border for a month starting in mid-July. Planning for it makes the drudgery and difficulties of day to day life more bearable.

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    • That’s great Karen! It’s a great time to be there. If the poison oak is as bad as it was for us we can recommend a few alternate routes to bypass the really horrible sections.


  2. I would like your permission to re-post some of you best-of/worst of post on a website I maintain about the PCT. I would give you full credit and link to your blog. You have some wonderful photos too!


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