Day 166 – enjoying the little things

September 16, 2016

Peter Grub Hut (mile 1160.8) to bushcamp (mile 1180.4)

Miles: 19.6

Our total miles: 2537.7

The night was still and we all slept well under the bright light of the moon. Mitra mentioned that she kept thinking there was a light on since the moon was so bright.

We woke up without an alarm and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Andy boiled water for hot chocolate and oatmeal.

Around 10am we parted ways with Mitra. 

It was really nice spending time with her. We are so grateful for the support of our friends through town fund donations, care packages, texts and visits. 

It has been really fun having friends join us for small sections around Tahoe. Not only do we get to slow down and soak in the sights, but it feels like a complete experience to share the simple joys of staring at the stars or swimming in cold lakes with friends.

We hiked for 2 hours on small ups and downs. We were both feeling sluggish and not particularly motivated.

Around noon we stopped for a short lunch break. At times we have tuna for lunch and this requires an actual break compared to just eating bars or beef jerky-like products.

We sat on a rock in the shade, and shortly after a SOBO named Happy Feet stopped to chat. Laurie started pulling things out of her Ursack to give him – including a carrot, crackers, chocolate and ginger candy. 

We have been spoiled lately with fresh fruits and veggies from friends (and a grocery store) and enjoy sharing our loot with other hikers.

We ended up chatting with Happy Feet for over an hour! By the time we were ready to walk again, Brendan, another SOBO and friend of Laurie’s friend Kelly, joined us. 

We last saw Brendan north of Trout Lake in Washington. It was great to see him again.

Fifteen minutes later we unglued ourselves from our cool rock and wandered back onto the hot afternoon trail. 

We hiked on, up and down the gentle hills until the evening. 

We had intended to hike to an old logging road but found a nice camp spot on top of a hill. The air was warm and we watched the sun set from our sits pads, leaning against our backpacks.  

Rather than crawling in the tent, Laurie stayed outside and we ate dinner taking in the last of the orange and pink sky. We watched as the stars came out and slowly the moon rose, exposing shadows of our tent, ourselves and our surroundings.

We maintain that if it is important to you, and you look hard enough, you’ll find a beautiful place to camp. For us, thru hiking isn’t just about hiking all day. 

We want to enjoy where we camp too. We want to catch as many sunsets and sunrises as possible. And if that means stopping a mile early, we will do that. 

Around 8:30pm we finally made our way into our tent. We cleaned up (boy were we filthy today!) pumped up our Thermarests and quickly got into our sleeping bags.

If feels good to be here. It’s nights like these that we are going to miss most.

But tonight we get to enjoy exactly where we are. The silence, the bright full moon, and each other’s company – free of artificial lights, Internet and other distractions. 

Tonight we are grateful for moments like these and flat spots on ridges.

The trail through Round Valley

Mules Ears in the golden light

The best kind of happy hour

2 thoughts on “Day 166 – enjoying the little things

  1. (( If it is important to you, and you look hard enough, you’ll find a beautiful place to camp. ))
    This can be applied for those of us off trail as well. Thanks for your unintended occaisional much needed reminders.
    “Just Bruce”

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