Day 156 – walking out of Yosemite

September 6, 2016

Bushcamp (mile 982.1) to bushcamp (mile 1006.9)

Miles: 24.8

Out total miles: 2365.6

We slept surprisingly warm through the night, which made it much easier to get up and start moving. At 6:00 when we opened the fly it was still dark out. 

We were walking by 6:30. We dropped down about 300 feet into Stubblefield Canyon. It was light enough to see without headlights but only the tips of the mountains around the canyon received the warmth of the sunlight.

We got water and continued on. For most of the morning the trail was flat. We cruised along, enjoying soft dirt and easy walking.

We walked through more beautiful meadows, past small creeks with cascading waterfalls ending in pools of clear cool water.

All morning we walked through valleys surrounded by granite domes. 

Laurie woke up with pain in her SI joint. As she walked it got more aggravated. We stopped on a rock and she tried stretching to alleviate some of the tightness. 

She leaned on her trekking pole, trying to use it for a trigger point release. All of this helped a little but the discomfort remained.

She hiked through the discomfort, distracting herself with podcasts. This issue has happened before and usually self corrects. We both hope her body fixes itself again this time. 

We got to Dorothy Lake around 1:30. It is a large beautiful lake with granite mountains on one side. We found a sandy beach and took a long relaxing break. 

We both rinsed off in the lake, Laurie washed her socks (wash is a generous word- she rubbed them together in the water to get rid of some of the dirt), we ate lunch and Laurie took a nap. Leaning against our backpacks, letting the sun warm our bodies felt glorious. 

This is the best part of backpacking – hiking many hours to get to unfamiliar, beautiful places and having the time to sit and soak up the beauty.

Finally around 3:00 we gathered our belongings and continued to hike along the northern aspect of Dorothy Lake toward Dorothy Lake Pass. 

At the top of the short climb we walked out of Yosemite National Park and into the Hoover Wilderness.

Immediately we felt a difference. The trail was more gentle and less rocky.

We saw less than 10 people today! Just like in major cities, if you travel far enough the crowds eventually thin out.

Laurie listened to podcasts to tune out the pain in her hip. She’s a trooper!

We’ve noticed that if we continue to push large mile days eventually our bodies start to protest. But, if we have experienced the pain before and know that it will go away, we tend to disregard it and just keep walking.

We descended past many small lakes, then gently climbed a few more miles to camp.

Once again we were treated to a glorious sunset. Orange and pink sky dominated the cloudless horizon. 

We never tire of beautiful sunsets. They are nectar for our souls.

Tonight we’re grateful for our body’s healing capabilities and glorious sunsets.

Wilma Lake

Creek in Tilden Canyon

Snow Survey hut. They should rent these in the summer!

Laurie found blueberries!!

Grace Meadow

Taking a plunge in Dorothy Lake

Harriet Lake in the Hoover Wilderness

Hoover Wilderness

6 thoughts on “Day 156 – walking out of Yosemite

  1. Congratulation on this wonderful blog. I love it! I startet reading in August and since I have catched up with the curent post, I’m waiting for a new one impatiently.
    Also,I’m thinking about hiking the PCT. Actually I would like to hike next year, but unfortunately I’m no longer sure if my dreams and plans will become true.
    Therefore, thank you for your impressing posts. Stay safe and healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulation! It’s a wonderful blog.
    Thank you for the impressive description of your hike, your feelings and thoughts, and the awesome landscape. Reading your posts nearly makes me feel like hiking with you.
    And also the beautyful pictures you have taken………
    Wish you a good hike further on. Stay safe and healthy.
    Elke ( from Germany )

    Liked by 1 person

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