Thoughts from the midpoint 

Everyday the trail offers a new challenge and delight. Some things are the same since we started hiking over 3 months ago and some things have changed. We thought it would be fun to share the list we created of what has and hasn’t changed over 1325 miles.

What hasn’t changed:

Laurie hikes with her head down. She frequently runs into tree branches because she is staring at her feet rather than looking ahead.

Andy walks looking up – at the clouds, trees and signs. Unfortunately this means he frequently trips over logs and rocks.

Laurie still laughs when Andy trips.

We both still attempt to clean our feet as much as possible before going to bed.

Laurie still smells her armpits every morning and night hoping someday the smell will disappear (or maybe she will stop caring).

Laurie still hates the heat, it makes her grumpy and sluggish.

We still have nightly discussions on which side of our proposed campsite is higher and thus, where we put our heads.

Blogging is still as time consuming as on day one.

It still takes us 45 minutes to one hour to pack and start hiking each morning.

What has changed:

Walking 15 miles feels like a morning jaunt rather than an entire day’s activity.

Laurie walks faster, particularly in the morning or when there is someone in front of her.

Andy has lost hair on his quads (boxers and pants pulling on sweaty legs), Laurie has gained hair on her legs.

We love one another more.

We have many food fantasies.

We believed but now know there are many generous and kind people in this world.

Thru hiking isn’t glamorous, no matter how much major retailers try to market it as such.

Laurie has lost her love handles (but not her cheeks 👍)


This adventure is not without its hardships but it has been quite amazing. It has brought us closer as a couple and allowed each of us to step away from a traditional life and truly live.

We look forward to another 1325 miles and sharing the stories and lessons with you as they come!


Day 1


Day 94

16 thoughts on “Thoughts from the midpoint 

  1. Message from Fixie: My phone is dead. I’m a bit rattled, but okay. I’m hanging out in Mazama Village if you’re around. Not sure I want to hike out alone. (note: I can relay through rui AT mandiberg DOT com.)

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  2. Hiking! We met in the parlor at the B & B in Prospect OR. I found your blog now that I have better WIFi access. I will be following your blog! Looking forward to your posts. Best of luck to you guys on your journey! Kim from Illinois

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  3. I’ve really enjoyed your blog since day 1! Laurie, I’d love to hear your thoughts on your backpack…pros and cons. Also, does your ponytail hit your pack?? I’m a total newbie, looking to do my first trip this year. Any info is much appreciated!


    • I love my backpack! It fits really well and I have not had any chaffing issues. It is a great pack to start with as an intro to lightweight backpacking. And no, my hair doesn’t touch my pack. Happy trails!


  4. This is gorgeous and love the Day 94 photo, you both look so warm and vibrant and earthy! We have that conversation about where to put our heads, too. Then there is the side to side slope – I always end up on the low side and get crushed against the side of the tent. Joy of tent life!

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