Day 68, 69 & 70 – traveling north

June 10, 11 & 12, 2016

Miles: 0

We spent the last few days eating, researching and making our way to northern California.

A friend of Laurie’s and her boyfriend happened to be driving to San Francisco and gave us a lift from Andy’s parents’ home in L.A. Thanks Sara and Areio!

We then took BART to Laurie’s mom’s house in Oakland. Monday morning Laurie’s mom will shuttle us to Belden. Thanks Sue!

We really appreciate everyone’s help, comments and emails. We feel uplifted, encouraged and ready to hike again.

Next post will be from the trail!


Leaving L.A. in true L.A. fashion - flip flops, shorts and tees


Hangin out in overcast Solvang



Sara and Areio shutting two tired hikers to San Fran


Felt strange being on BART



12 thoughts on “Day 68, 69 & 70 – traveling north

  1. Andy & Laurie, glad to see you’re back on the trail, or close to it. We live in Portland so when you get up here, let me know if you need anything at Timberline Lodge or Cascade Locks. Glad to help. My wife and i are hiking McKenzie Pass to Cascade Locks, 165 miles, probably 2 weeks, we’re old and slow, in preparation for socal next April and May. We leave McKenzie Pass Tuesday Aug 9 but you will probably be past there by then.

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  2. Alright you two ! So happy to see that you are going to hit the trail again ! Missed your awesome pics and stories of your adventure . I ‘m a safety first person myself and so respect the choices made . Happy trails from all of us at mile 549 .

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  3. Looking forward to your posts from Belden and beyond! I think you made a good decision- those creek crossings are dangerous. It’s not worth the risk. Good luck and happy trails! 🙂

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