9 thoughts on “Kennedy Meadows to Kearsarge Pass Videos

  1. I read every word of your email blogs, look at every picture, and watch every video. I love following you. And I know for SURE that I am never going to do it because I don’t think I would enjoy most of it. I have great respect for you and for all the hikers that relish this hike. I love day hikes, but I need to sleep in a bed in a room with a flush toilet and a hot shower in the next room.

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  2. This is all so beautiful and overwhelming – you guys are so brave, fit and strong. I am greatly admiring! Well if you are behind schedule coming into Mammoth we might glimpse you, we land on the 10th. Want anything brought over from Australia? Best wishes for a continued safe and wonderful wander through the snow-bound Sierra! xx

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    • Thanks Donna!! Happy tramping on the Sierras. Just know that the road to Red’s Meadow is scheduled to open on the 18th of June. And as of the 9th Red’s Meadow is still closed too.


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