Day 33- another zero in LA

May 6, 2016

We woke up stiff and decided to spend the day stretching and relaxing.

Thunderstorms are predicted for the Agua Dulce area today too, so it’s nice to be out of the rain for a change.

Oh but it is hard resisting the temptation to keep pushing. We both keep asking ourselves why. Why do we feel pressure to keep up with others? Why does it feel wrong to slow down and give our bodies rest? Why do we care where other people are? What are we racing for?

Laurie feels anxiety in her chest when she slows down. But this is why we are here – to enjoy and to step away from the rat race of life. These feelings are what we want to identify, confront and process so that in 5 months when we return to society we keep a sense of peace and serenity amongst the chaos of life and responsibility.

In the meantime we will continue to feel and identify. We talk about our discomfort and reassure one another that this pace is right for us, and in the end, this is all that matters.

We will meet our friends again (we hope) whether on the trail or after. In the meantime we will make new ones – who knows who we will meet tomorrow?

After all, this is the excitement of the trail!

Special thanks to Shushan (Andy’s mom) for the delicious food, Anait (Andy’s aunt) for the foot rubs and Grigor (Andy’s dad) for providing us with everything we need, mailing our resupply packages and keeping us entertained with jokes.

Tonight we are grateful for fresh fruit and yoga mats.


2 thoughts on “Day 33- another zero in LA

  1. You guys are 400 miles ahead of many others who have just started the trail, so consider yourselves in a great position maybe. My girlfriend got major shin splints 3 days in and had to take 10 days off of hiking. She spoke of this stress of thinking she was behind. Then she realized that is the frenzy of the mind. Everyone has their own hike to do. Just because we think one thing doesn’t mean it is, right? Many people will not finish the trail, for many reasons. Life is full of surprises, of all kinds. The lady who got bit by the snake and was airlifted, her plan really changed. Maybe she will get back on the trail. I heard another story about a guy who was only a few miles in and broke his ankle. All that planning and suddenly, he was heading back home. So please remember that we are all where we are and there is no need to feel rushed or that you are falling behind. You’re quite well on your way. Enjoy the walk, in each day that you have, no matter where you are. We all enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for taking the time to write them!

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