Day 7 – Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Date: April 10, 2016

Scissors Crossing (mile 77) to 3rd Gate campsite (mile 91.5)

Miles 14.5

Lindsey and the kids drive us to the trailhead from Carlsbad. As if that wasn’t enough, they walked a quarter of a mile or so with us on the PCT.

The kids wore their backpacks too. Very adorable. We’re gonna miss them. We owe a huge thanks to Lindsey and Toph for hosting us the last 2 nights. Thank you!!

We cross the highway around 10:45 am and start our second backpacking trip. This one six or seven days long.

We climb and climb and climb some more on gently graded trail. Most of the day we can see the highway to our left. But that doesn’t take away from the scenery.

Dramatic clouds, blooming desert plants – including a few that we didn’t see on the other side of the highway, and cool temperatures make for a great day. The clouds threatened all day but no showers prevailed.

We carried 9 liters of water for the next 24.5 miles (14.5 today and 10 tomorrow) to our next water source.

Generous people stock a water cache near our camp tonight but we won’t need any. Given the number of hikers in recent years we won’t be relying on water caches. If we come across them and really need some, we’ll help ourselves, but we shouldn’t need to.

Laurie’s feet feel a little better today. The blister under her left foot is still tender and bothers her as the day wears on, but no knee pain in either leg or the top of her left foot. She’s all smiles when we get to camp. A real trooper!

We ate dinner around 6:30pm and hung out in our tent until bed. There’s lots of people at our camp and we chatted with a few of them, but mostly kept to ourselves. It feels as if there’s so much to do. Especially when we have service!

Since we started hiking, we’ve been impressed by the number of older hikers. We met a woman at our camp tonight who is 71 years old! Go Grandma (that’s her trail name.)

It’s almost 8pm and we are ready for bed. The clouds have parted and we’re hoping for clear skies and no rain.

Tonight we are grateful for our cozy air mattresses and clean socks.










4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  1. I am really enjoying your posts so far! I hope we meet you guys out here on the PCT at some point. I’ve also had knee pain and blisters. I just bought new (much wider) shoes in Idyllwild this morning, so hopefully that will help a little with the blisters. I think almost everyone is struggling at least a little bit – especially with this rain – but it will get easier. Good luck out there!!! 🙂

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  2. Found you through the PCT site. I am a thru hiker wanna-be and planning-to-be. My day will come, when my kiddos are old enough….I will be one of those “older hikers” by then, 60yo! Anyway, for now, loving your blog! It’s fun to live it out through your writing. Question, did you each carry 9 liters, or between the 2 of you? That is a lot of weight! Did you cook, or do a no-cook option for this section? Curious, and learning for future what works for people. Thanks!


    • Hi Juli, you should totally hike the trail!! There are a lot of older hikers on the trail. You can do it!

      We carried 9 liters total for the two of us. We would have carrots more if we needed to but the weather has been cool thus far and hasn’t warranted carrying more than six liters for 30 mile dry sections. And we’ve boiled water for dinner every night.

      Hope this helps! And thank you for your support and encouragement. We really appreciate it.


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