Day 2 – Takin It Easy 

Date: April 5, 2016

Hauser creek (mile 15.4) to bush camp (mile 27.7)

Miles: 12.3

We wake up at 5:45 to the sounds of birds chirping. It is chilly out and we are toasty in our sleeping bags. We both slept well (Andy with his Sea to Summit pillow and Laurie with a buff stuffed with clothes).
We sort food for the day, prep our feet and giggle as Andy continues shuffling.

We start hiking at 8. These leisurely mornings are nice but won’t last long. Eventually we hope to be able to break camp in 30 min. Good thing we have 5+ months to practice!

Once on the trail we gradually climb up and down to Lake Morena. The temperatures remain mild and hiking in the shade of our umbrellas with a light breeze feels divine. Our feet feel good and our bodies a little sore from the heavy packs the day before but all in all we are 2 happy hikers.

We spend 2.5 hours at Lake Morena stretching, looking for a new camera, calling family and eating lunch.

After chatting a bit with other hikers we set out again around 2:30.

About an hour in we run into another hiker stopped waiting for a rattlesnake to cross the trail. We chat a bit and then part ways as we stop to air out our feet and snack.

Around 6:00 we find a nice secluded camping spot and decide to call it a night. We didn’t reach our goal of 15 miles/day but plan to make up those miles tomorrow with an earlier start.

Good night from the desert.

Today we are grateful for: gentle grades and leukotape.









7 thoughts on “Day 2 – Takin It Easy 

  1. Yikes on the rattlesnakes! And a trail that looks so gentle right now. I love seeinsg you walk with umbrellas–reminds me of Asia. Enjoy those stars at night! Nana

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  2. Nice writing and pictures. I was thinking you might be running into a lot more hikers this time of year. I guess not having the kickoff has spread the crowd out.

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    • Thanks! We’ve started pretty early in the season. That might be why. Lots more hikers scheduled to start later this month


  3. Good animal sightings! That’s a horny toad (actually a horned lizard, an ant eater) and a red diamond rattler (our biggest local rattler, not the most common).
    Keep a lookout for a road runner, our distictive desert bird, beep! beep! I have yet to read about a hiker seeing one.

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