1 day closer…

Thus far Andy has done all the blogging. On the trail we will figure out how to both share our stories and experiences. 
First let me admit that it is weird and scary for me to share my thoughts, fears, mistakes and accomplishments with a group of people. I consider myself to be an open person but usually one on one. It is terrifying to write about my emotions and struggles and send it out to the world. This PCT journey is going to one of stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown and enbracing discomfort, so why not start with blogging?!

Afterall, you are my community. 

Here I am, sitting on a plane flying down to LA for my first Armenian wedding experience, 1 day of throwing food in boxes and one last night in the comforts of a familiar home.

There are so many emotions swimming around my head and heart I don’t know where to begin. I look forward to the silence and expansiveness of the southern Californian desert to devote some time to process all that has happened in the last few months.

Leaving a 5+ year life in San Francisco, friends, a predictable routine, and most difficult of all, a mother with compromised health – all for the unknown adventure – is terrifying. There will be moments of excitement, sadness, nervousness, self growth, humor, fear, playfulness and physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion.

 I am glad I have a way to share it all with you!

7 thoughts on “1 day closer…

  1. Excited for you! Proud of you for taking the leap! Your SF/Ca. world will be waiting for you when you return! Enjoy the outdoors for those of us that are too tied down to explore as you can! Go for it!!!! xoxo

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  2. I’m so immensely proud of you! I know I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll keep saying it! Taking this first leap is probably the hardest emotional step and should not be disregarded! The rest is just walking ;D you are loved!!

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  3. Both of you are embarking on a life changing adventure. There will be so many experiences that will enrich and challenge you along the way. Keep
    your communication channels open and be supportive of each other. Try
    to laugh each day as well as find those special awe inspiring moments one
    can find in nature and in the people along the way who share your spirit of

    Love and hugs to both of you
    Auntie Jean

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  4. So proud of you! I am looking forward to hearing about this life changing adventure and I sit here 36 weeks pregnant and ready to embark on one of my own in a very different way but feeling very similar emotions. Happy and safe travels to you both❤️Katie

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  5. Safe and happy travels! I look forward to following this adventure and appreciate the emotion that go along with. Adam and I are about to embark on one of our own as I am 36 weeks pregnant now and have some similar emotion. Take care and enjoy every moment. ❤️Katie

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