Send Us A Care Package

Some of you have expressed interest in sending us care packages. This is fabulous and we greatly appreciate it! Unfortunately surprises don’t work on the trail. We have to ask for all of our packages, and if we don’t know you sent something, we can’t ask for it.

If you want to send us a package, please get in touch with us. Our plans will be ever changing, plus we can let you know if we are craving something special.

The following are some recommendations to ensure we get what you send:

  • Please ship packages via USPS Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx. Everything else will get lost or returned to sender.
  • Please email or text Laurie or Andy and we will let you know what location (and mailing option) is best.
  • Please address all boxes to Laurie Kramer and Andy Dischekenyan – that way either of us can pick up the package.

some more tips:

1. Food is best

During our hike, our lives will revolve around food. We will be devouring everything in sight. Sending delicious food is probably the best way to show us your love.

Laurie is gluten free and Andy reads the labels of everything he buys, prefers few ingredients and only things he can pronounce. Healthy, delicious food options will be limited in small towns and small grocery stories so anything that fits in the categories below will be wonderful.

  • Baked goods: Homemade is best, but anything gluten free will make us smile 🙂
    • brownies, muffins
    • Cookies: GF ginger snaps, chocolate chip
  • From Trader Joe’s:
    • Powerberries
  • Olives in vacuum sealed packages

2. Town Fund

If you want to send us something but not sure what (or don’t want to deal with the logistics of shipping us something), donate to our Town Fund! This will go towards lodging, showers, laundry and food (mainly rotisserie chickens, bags of salad and coconut popsicles).

Click here to donate via Venmo. Click here to donate via Square Cash. Click here to donate via paypal.

3. Please don’t send us items that are bulky and/or heavy unless they can be eaten immediately.

4. Non-food ideas (don’t forget we have to carry everything you send):

  • If you live on or near the trail and would be willing to house us for a night please let us know. A shower will be worth a thousand candy bars.
  • Personal letters, inspirational quotes, pictures/drawings or words of encouragement will feed our soul.
  • Socks: we will be going through MANY pairs! This is an awesome present and will be a real treat but please check in with us to see if we want any type in particular.
  • Audio books – Laurie has the Amazon Kindle app on her phone and would appreciate your favorite books (new or old) or any other light fiction to keep her entertained on the trail.

5. Please don’t send us non-sealed/homemade food if we don’t know you personally.

What You Should NOT Send

  • Anything heavy
  • Anything perishable as some of the boxes may be sitting for a while